$30 drop-in

$25 per class if you purchase 12 or more (expires after 90 days of purchase)

$300 unlimited monthly class pass (one class per day)


Personal Training

One on One Personal Training is tailored to each individual. Please call or text for pricing.

Group Personal Training

Please contact for rates.


(All classes are 45 minutes)

Group Interval Training

Monday 7:00 am   &  9:00 am

Wednesday 9:00 am

Friday 7:00 am   &   9:00 am


Monday 10:00

Wednesday 10:00

Friday 10:00


Monday 8:00 am

Tuesday 9:00 am

Thursday 9:00 am

Friday 8:00 am

Barre & Boxing

Tuesday 10:00

Thursday 10:00





 A combination of low impact upper body exercises using resistance bands or light weights and ballet barre inspired moves for the lower body intertwined with stretching and core exercises. Designed to lengthen and tone muscles, increase flexibility, and improve posture.

Group Training 

A combination of strength training and cardiovascular conditioning designed to increase lean muscle, balance, core strength, everyday functionality, athleticism, and flexibility. Working with free weights, medicine balls, battle ropes, kettle bells, sandbags, and punching bags (to name a few) this class will keep your mind and body on point. 10 people or less.

Personal Training

Personal Training sessions are designed specifically for each individuals needs and goals in mind. Stay focused. Stay motivated. Be held accountable. Be efficient. Be challenged. Feel free to bring a friend or two. By appointment only.


Holy cardio! This class is high intensity! Get lean and tone with every punch and kick to the bag. We will mix bag drills with resistance training and core work. Designed to incinerate calories, improve your cardiovascular health, strength, balance, and endurance. Boxing gloves are provided or bring your own.

Barre & Boxing

We take traditional low impact barre moves designed to lengthen and tone your muscles and mix them with high intensity cardio kickboxing to get your heart rate going! Boxing gloves are provided or bring your own.

** the schedule is subject to change.